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NEONSPLASH ® "Europe’s Largest Paint-Party" – combines electronic dance music, the biggest international DJs, breathtaking production design, exhilarating artistry and performance, truth defying special effects, and thousands of liters of neon-paint into one unique mindblowing experience. A NEONSPLASH® night is a night like no other, and an experience that will last a lifetime.

With more than 150 shows across the continent and 250.000 fans from all over Europe, we expand explosively and will be close to you very soon! Welcome to the world of NEONSPLASH®! Join us in spreading love through paint!



What are NEONSPLASH nights like?

It’s impossible to describe the intense feeling of experiencing a NEONSPLASH Paint-Party in-person, but the least we can do to prepare you for what you’re getting into is show you our videos!

Does NEONSPLASH have a dress-code?

Yes, for the optimal effect, guests are asked to wear white top clothing (shirt/top/bikini) to NEONSPLASH.

Does NEONSPLASH have a minimum age?

Yes, we are open to all visitors given that they're at least 18 years of age.


How do I get tickets?

Tickets are bought online at this very website. Just scroll a bit up

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Usually our shows are sold out some time before, so we advise you to buy your tickets as soon as you decided to join us.

What are Early Bird Tickets?

We generally have a limited amount of tickets with reduced prices, to reward our most loyal fans. If these tickets are sold out, tickets go to regular prices.


Is the NEON-PAINT washable?

Yes, our NEON-PAINT easily washes out of most fabrics. Nonetheless, we always advise to not wear your best clothes to be extra sure. Please note: your white shirt/top/bikini that will be painted is not to be washed, but should be put onto your wall as a masterpiece and souvenir of the best night of your life.

Is the NEON-PAINT skin-friendly?

Yes, the NEON PAINT is skin friendly, non-toxic, approved and certified. However, we do advise to avoid unnecessary eye-contact.

Can I bring my own NEON-PAINT?

No, for safety reasons paint is only provided at the event by NEONSPLASH.

How do I get the NEON-PAINT?

Paint can be purchased at the event at our paint-stand in the back of the main-area, starting 15 minutes before paint-drop. Before that time we advise you to get paint-coins at our paint-stands, to ensure yourself of access to the right amount of paint-bottles.

What if my phone, camera or other items get damaged by the NEON-PAINT?

Since our paint is water based, we advise guests to be most careful with any technical items after paint-drop. NEONSPLASH cannot guarantee the safety of any items brought along by guests. We do however hand out free transparent seal-bags for phones and cameras at our merchandise stands.


Can I use public transport after a NEONSPLASH show?

Yes, our paint is water based and designed to dry quickly, so that it will be no problem for any means of transportation.

Can I go travel by car after a NEONSPLASH show?

Yes, our paint is water based and designed to dry quickly, so it will not cause any problems for transportation. If desired in case of visitors leaving early, we provide free plastic seat-covers for cars.



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